Our School



Grace congregation is delighted to offer preschool classes.

If you are interested in this kind of education for your child, please contact our teacher, Candice Ohlmann, with any questions at (920) 979-2016 or ocandice@hotmail.com .  

Grade School

Grace Lutheran School offers a Christ-centered education for students in kindergarten through grade eight. Our school was reopened in the fall of 2015 to offer a Christian education to the next generation of children from Grace.

We also welcome inquiries about enrollment from the entire community. If you would like to set up a personal meeting to find out more about our school or preschool, please contact Principal Andrew Rohel at (715) 544-7555 or amjroehl@gmail.com .

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of Grace Lutheran School is to train children to be successful disciples and soldiers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible is the primary source and resource of our instruction and the backdrop against which all of their secular studies are presented and learned.

To this end Grace Lutheran School assists parents with the Christian education of their children. This task involves the application of Godís inspired and inerrant Word throughout the school day. Children need to be trained in the way they should go, namely, in the Lordís way. Therefore children need the correction, guidance, discipline, and security which only Godís Word can give.

At Grace, it is our goal that children entrusted into our care will grow in the knowledge and love of our Savior from sin, and become effective citizens. In order to serve the Lord with their abilities and talents, the students at Faith are taught they have good reason to learn of Godís orderly creation (mathematical, biological, and physical sciences) and of Godís continual working in the affairs of the world around us (social sciences). What better reason for learning to communicate well (language arts) than to share Godís Word of peace and promise with others?

Our chief goal in education is, with the help of God, to strengthen children in their faith, to increase their knowledge of Godís Word offered in the inspired Scriptures and to enable them to strive out of gratitude to live their lives according to Godís will. For this reason, the teaching of the Word of God is all important, for it makes us wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ JesusĒ (2 Timothy 3:15)

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