Worship: The Lord's Supper

Grace practices the historic and biblical principle of "close" or "closed" communion.  God’s Word says that receiving the Lord’s Supper with other Christians implies a unity of faith. God wants us to agree in our beliefs before we enter into any form of Christian fellowship such as Holy Communion.  (I Cor. 1:10 and I Cor. 10:17).  Also, the Bible teaches that we bring judgment upon ourselves if we partake of the Lord’s Supper in an unworthy manner (I Cor. 11:27-29).  For this reason, we at Grace restrict the Lord's Supper to those who are communicant members of Grace, (and communicants from other congregations in the Church of the Lutheran Confession).  

By practicing close communion we are not judging your faith. We are practicing close communion out of love for you and out of obedience to God’s Word. We are eager to have you join us in the  Lord's Supper but only on the basis of a shared confession in the truth of God's word.  Through instruction you can discover if we share the same confession, and be received into communicant membership (see Adult Instruction under Education for more info about become a member).  

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